Evidence not seen : a woman's miraculous faith in the jungles of World War II

Review by Karla and Daryl Roberts on October 23, 2015

Categories: Christian Life, Prayer, Missions, Biography & History

This is an inspiring autobiography written by a woman in her 60's as she remembers God at work in her life during her teens and twenties. As a teen, Darlene hears God's call to the missions field. She marries a man who is a missionary and together they bring the gospel to the unreached native people on one of the islands in New Guinea. Sharing her actions, thoughts, and prayers makes this an engaging book despite the fact that she suffers through four years as a prisoner of war when the Japanese take over all the Indonesian islands during World War II. Darlene Deibler's writing style is straightforward, as if she were sitting across the table chatting with the reader. Her courage and triumph of faith during her years in the jungle and in the notorious prison camp are written humbly and all success is credited to God; which is why her story is so inspiring. Darlene's trust in God as her constant companion and her loving Friend gave this reader much to consider. Although not excessively graphic or morose, the realities of four years in the POW camp make this book inappropriate for a young audience. I heartily recommend this book to older teens and adults.