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  • The chosen : a novel

    A beautiful story of friendship and humanity. A glimpse at a world that I will never be a part of, and an introduction to ideas within. The end of the book was especially moving, and the story is ...

  • A tree grows in Brooklyn

    It's a story of a girl growing up poor in Brooklyn in the early 1900s. It showcases the joys and pains (especially pains) of her life, but still manages to maintain hope. Overall it was a pretty ...

  • Caring for one another : 8 ways to cultivate meaningful rela

    Read this for a small group study. It worked well for that context, with short chapters and discussion questions. A helpful little book, but know that it is not an in depth treatment of the topic, ...

  • Child proof : parenting by faith, not formula

    A book with a lofty calling for parents. It was less a book of what to do than it was a book about why we do things and how to think through things. In sure I will revisit this book through the ...

  • On reading well : finding the good life through great books

    A book about reading and how reading should shape us. I appreciated the call to approach reading, not as a neutral activity, but something that shapes us. The analysis of virtue in a number of ...

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  • Christian, Muslim, friendChristian, Muslim, friend : twelve paths to real relationship

    Shenk, David W., 1937-, author. http://id.loc.gov/

    Rooted in his fifty years of friendship with Muslims in Somalia, Kenya, and the United States, Shenk invites Christian readers to be clear about their identity, develop trust, practice hospitality, confront distortions of both faiths, and seek out Muslims committed to peace.

  • Christianity Today: April 2019Christianity Today: April 2019 / Counted Worthy

    Andy Olsen on the new math of world missions. ; Readers respond to the January/Febraury issue. ; Southern Seminary confronts past racism, North African movie memorializes Augustine. ; How the presentation of poll questions changes evolution-verses-creation answers. ; Asia Bibi exonerated, Philippine church bombing kills 20, and South Carolina foster ministry secures Protestants-only waiver. ; Ted Olson advocates religious liberty for all - not just other Christians. ; Jen Wilkin shares lessons leaned over a decade on Facebook. ; Derek Rishmawy sees the love of God displayed in Christ's suffering. ; A Thai church revival shows how real-time reporting is making global missions more ambitious and more effective. ; How The Bible Project is using video to get people to open up Scripture again. ; The truth of the gospel requires telling the whole story. ; Scholars, theologans, and philosophers used to work together. Why they need to do so again. ; Mark DeMoss worked with Christians organizations through highs and lows. But we're all tasked with representing Christ. ; Book reviews.

  • Christianity Today: March 2019Christianity Today: March 2019 / Saving Retirement

    Growing old is not what it used to be. For millions of retirees, that may actually be good news. ; Built around widows and orphans, Florida's oldest retirement community has modeled intergenerational ministry for more than a century. ; Science seeks to fix aging and death. But a Christian vision of the good life might actually embrace them. ; A growing number of Jewish christians are recovering their destinctive religious heritage. ; Schools and scholars can help the Christ-centered movement becoming all the more Jesusy.

  • World Volume 34 Issue 4World Volume 34 Issue 4 / Children's Books of the Year

    World Magazine.

    2019 Children's Books of the Year ; With millions of members, the Iglesia ni Cristo might be the largest religious sect you've never heard of - and critics claim it governs by intimidation and violence. ; As California's housing prices soar out of reach, a growing group of citizens is calling for cities to build, baby, build.

  • World Volume 34 Issue 2World Volume 34 Issue 2 / Home Unaffordable Home: Inside California's crazy housing crisis

    World Magazine.

    A housing crisis is clamping down on middle-income workers - teachers like Renata Sanchez - in prosperpous California. ; In Brooklyn, a church without much money gives addicts a rare welcome mat. ; A network of lawyers in China has led a bold effort to enforce the rule of law, but Communist opposition is formidable. ; Critics of Brazil's new president unfavorably compare him to Donald Trump, but Jair Bolsonaro's win also marks a move away from socialism and shows the rise of evangelical influence. ; As Nigerian immigrants dream of better lives in Europe, aid groups work to curb illegal and risky travel.

  • World Volume 34 Issue 1World Volume 34 Issue 1 / Holding Tight: A glimpse inside minority communities and the fight for life

    World Magazine.

    Abortion still devastates the African-American community at an alarming and disproportionate rate, but black pro-life activists are fighting for lives ; Shame and family silence lead many Hispanic women to abortionists, but a pro-life message may be making strides. ; Despite a history of concerns about population growth, Israel has some of the most permissive abortion laws in the world. ; A conversation with bioethicist William Hurlbut about controversial gene-editing scientist He Jiankui. ; Often victims of violence and sexual abuse, homeless women have particular needs and vulnerabilities.

  • Living in the In-Between TimesLiving in the In-Between Times : The Life of Samuel

    West, Ralph Douglas.

    Rev. Dr. Ralph Douglas West lives with one foot in the biblical revelation and the other in the contemporary human situation. He moves between the two with an astute mind, a pastoral heart, and a helping hand. The man in between the times, Samuel walks off these pages and into your life. You will discover how God speaks to you, how you can respond, and the significance of decisive commitment to the will of God regardless.

  • Green Card VoicesGreen Card Voices : Immigration stories from a St. Paul High School

    Green Card Voices n 2001085016.

    "Green Card Youth Voices: Immigration Stories from a St. Paul High School" is a collection of thirty personal essays written by immigrant students from LEAP High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. Includded with each essay is a link to a first-persona video narrative. Comming from thirteen different countries, these young people share their life journeys in their own words. Some fled xenophobia, others came to be reunited with family, and all left behind loved ones: parents, children, friends. Throughout it all, each of these young people exhibits tremendous resiliency, courage, and unbashed hope as they imagine their future in this new country. The digital and written narratives in this book are exceptional resources for anyone looking to learn more about the human side of the immigrant experience. By seeing ourselves reflected in each of these stories, we begin to build the necessary bridges that will bring us towards a deeper understanding of one another. Including: study guide, glossary, and links to video narratives.

  • Green Card VoicesGreen Card Voices : Immigration stories from a Minneapolis High School

    Green Card Voices n 2001085016.

    "Green Card Youth Voices: Immigration Stories from a Minneapolis High School" is a unique collection of thirty personal essays written by students from Wellstone International High School. Coming from thirteen different countries, these young people share stories of family, school, change, and dreams. The broad range of experiences and the honesty with which they tell their stories are captured here with inspiring clarity. Although their reasons for immigrating are vast, a common thread unites them; despite tremendous tribulation, these young people continue to work toward the futures of which they dream.

  • Closer than a sisterCloser than a sister : how union with Christ helps friendships to flourish

    Fox, Christina, (Blogger), author.

    We live in an age where ‘friendships’ are prolific and contact is constant. But are all of these people really our friends? The bond of Christian friendship is different. Built on our unity with Christ, these are real life, flesh and blood relationships – both sacred and sacrificial. Christina Fox offers insight into how we can weave friendships that last through any season and reflect Christ to the world.

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Popular Titles

  • The Samuel Morris storyThe Samuel Morris story


    Young Prince Kaboo knows his fate is sealed. Since his father can no longer meet his captors' ransom demands, Kaboo is to be tortured until death. But a bigger plan is about to unfold! A blinding light appears and the ropes that bind him fall away. Renewed strength floods his bruised body, and a heavenly voice urges him to run! The dramatic events that follow lead the boy prince to take the new name. Nothing will stop Samuel from sharing his growing faith with all who will listen.

  • Praise baby collection: forever reignPraise baby collection: forever reign

  • Growing up wild vol. 2Growing up wild vol. 2 : rainy day, new discoveries, hiking adventure

    Join the adventures of the four Wild brothers growing up as missionary kids in the remote jungles of Papaua, Indonesia. Volume 2 will show you how the Wild brothers have fun on a rainy day,give you glimpses of their discoveries such as a giant phosmid and beautiful butterflies, and take you on a hiking adventure in the tropical rain forest.

  • The Amy Carmichael storyThe Amy Carmichael story

    As little Preena is snatched away from the most gentle woman she has seen in months, she wonders how she will ever again find a way out of the temple, where she is held against her will. How will she find the missionary known as Amy Carmichael, the one who wears a cross and serves a different sort of God? Meanwhile, Amy is also consumed by the awful truth she has learned about the plight of the "temple girls.".

  • Facing the giantsFacing the giants

    A high school football coach with a history of losing games faces not only the pressures from a group of fathers wanting him fired, but also the possibility that his wife can never have children. When he turns to God, will his prayers be answered?.

  • Awesome GodAwesome God : worship songs for children

    Sovereign Grace Music.

  • Dangerous journeyDangerous journey a victorious journey of faith and pilgrimage

    Based on Bunyan's The Pilgim's Progress, this beautifully illustrated adventure story shows children the basic themes of the Christian life and pilgrimage. Nine episodes with leader's guide/Scripture reference guide.

  • Hinds' feet on high placesHinds' feet on high places

    Hurnard, Hannah.

    A Christian allegory follows the journey of Much-Afraid, a dweller in the Valley of Humiliation, to spritual heights in the service of the Chief Shepherd.

  • Erandi's braidsErandi's braids

    Madrigal, Antonio Hernandez.

    In a poor Mexican village, Erandi surprises her mother by offering to sell her long, beautiful hair in order to raise enough money to buy a new fishing net.

  • The illustrated family BibleThe illustrated family Bible : based on the New International Version Bible

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